Welcome to SSTD 2021 !

Ralf H. G├╝ting Best Research Paper
"A Novel Indexing Method for Spatial-Keyword Range Queries"
Panagiotis Tampakis, Dimitris Spyrellis, Christos Doulkeridis, Nikos Pelekis, Christos Kalyvas and Akrivi Vlachou.

Best Demo Paper
"MaSEC: Discovering Anchorages and Co-movement Patterns on Streaming Vessel Trajectories"
Andreas Tritsarolis, Yannis Kontoulis, Nikos Pelekis and Yannis Theodoridis.

About SSTD 2021

The International Symposium on Spatial and Temporal Databases 2021 (SSTD 2021) is the seventeenth event of a series of biannual symposia that discuss new and exciting research in spatial, temporal and spatio-temporal data management and related technologies with the goal to set future research directions. The primary focus of SSTD symposia is on original results in the areas of theoretical foundations, design, implementation, and applications of spatial and temporal database technology. SSTD also welcomes experience reports from application specialists and the commercial community that describe lessons learned in the development, operation, and maintenance of actual systems in practical and innovative applications. The goal is to exchange research ideas and results across academia, industry and government from diverse geographies, and career stages.